Medical, rehabilitation and disability management.
K&A has been created and structured to meet your most pressing neurological, disability and catastrophic case management needs serving Southeastern Ontario.

We specialize in assisting head injured, acquired brain injured and spinal cord injured individuals and their families.

Knorr & Associates Inc. Roster

Lisa Bauer, Registered Nurse and Senior Case Manager

Christopher White, Occupational Therapist

Janice Copeland, Occupational Therapist Assistant

Henry Wong, Kinesiologist and Rehabilitation Therapist to Acquired Brain and Spinal Cord Injured Individuals

Michael Zinn, Rehabilitation Support Worker to Brain and Spinal Cord Injured Individuals, both adult and children

Our professional and dependable staff has over 100 years of combined experience in:

  • Nursing
  • Administration Management
  • Assisting Acquired Brain Injured individuals and neurologically complex injured individuals
  • Legal Administration
  • Medical Research
  • Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Sales


Knorr & Associates Inc. (K&A).
K&A offers a highly qualified staff of professionals who strive to restore injured claimants to their pre-MVA level of functioning, employment and/or school.
• Hospital Discharge-Planning
• In-Home Assessments

• Detailed Job Site Analysis
• Negotiate Graduated Return-to-Work/School Program

• Mobility Assessments and ADP Qualified

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