Medical, rehabilitation and disability management.
K&A has been created and structured to meet your most pressing neurological, disability and catastrophic case management needs serving Southeastern Ontario.

We specialize in assisting head injured, acquired brain injured and spinal cord injured individuals and their families.

Knorr & Associates Inc. Services

Catastrophic, Medical & Vocational Case Management
    Specializing in paediatric and adult head injuries/acquired brain injuries and spinal cord injuries
File Review
    Provides an invaluable detailed summary report with recommendations for file resolution. This report is widely used at all levels of the claims process.
Negotiate Graduated Return-to-Work Program
    Between Employer and Client
Negotiate School Reintegration Program and required additional support.
    Between School Board/College/University and Student and arranging the proper qualified staff to assist in a smooth transition back to school.
Assist Children to be Identified by School Board
    Allowing them to qualify for (ISA) funding, resulting in extra support, to enable the family to access free school board funding when possible.
Task and/or Research Assignment Hospital Discharge Planning. For a smooth transition to home with the required support, assistive devices and health care team.
    Assist the individual and team using free government services, where possible, to preserve the rehabilitation dollars.
Review/Transcribe Hospital Charts and share them with other team members
    Several weeks prior to receiving a copy of the hospital chart by mail, our staff is well known to many hospitals in the surrounding area and have been able to review the chart in-hospital, providing the family and insurer with vital information to assist with the ongoing rehabilitation program planning.
Assist with Community Re-integration
    By utilizing free government services when possible, and putting together a team of therapists who are best qualified and best suited to the needs of the patient and family.
Gathering the Appropriate Medical Information and Documentation
    With our qualified and experienced staff, we often use our rehabilitation assistants, OTA/PTA's to assist in gathering documentation under the supervision of our nurses in order to cut costs and preserve the rehabiltiation dollars.
Arrange for Independent Medical Assessment.  To maximize on the medical assessments, K & A provides a list of questions to the assessing physicians which can be collected from the health care team and family members
    Assessment completed with highly qualified physicians and professionals, with appropriately worded questions to maximize the rehabilitation dollars.
Carry Out Independent Medical Recommendations
    Made by Independent Medical Assessments
Assessments of Attendant Care Needs (Form 1)
    We use qualified and exeprienced Occupational Therapists and Registered Nurses to complete the Form 1's to ensure the claimant receives the funds required to maintain his/her needs.
Meeting with Physicians and Specialists
    Our Registered Nurses meet with the physicians and specialists to discuss ongoing patient care in order to maximize on the assessments and medical appointments. Our Registered Nurses are highly qualified to assist the families and the client with their ongoing questions and concerns acting as the patient advocate.
Arranging for Quarterly Rehabilitation Team Meetings
    Our Registered Nurse/Case Manager arranges, attends and prepares the minutes for the quarterly Rehabilitation Team meeting to co-ordinate care to ensure the most efficient use of the rehabilitation funds to assist the client in reaching their full potential.
Find Suitable Job Placement
    Our qualified staff can assist the client with his/her post injury job search and indentify suitable employment opportunites post injury that are best suited to meet his/her ability, training, education and experience.
Detailed Job Site Analysis
    Our Occupational Therapists and Registered Nurses complete a comprehensive Job Site Analysis with photos, which are then used by the physicians in order to assist the client's return to their vocation as smoothly and as quickly as possible.
In-Home Assessments
    Completed by our experienced Occupational Therapists and /or Registered Nurses.
Mobility assessments and ADP Qualified
    Our Occupational Therapists are ADP qualified and can help save the client and insurer valuable rehabilitation dollars by using ADP funding.
Exercise and Rehabilitation
    Our Kinesioligists/Athletic Therapists assist the client to regain as much of their pre-MVA level of function as possible through supervised exercise programs.


Knorr & Associates Inc. (K&A).
K&A offers a highly qualified staff of professionals who strive to restore injured claimants to their pre-MVA level of functioning, employment and/or school.
• Hospital Discharge-Planning
• In-Home Assessments

• Detailed Job Site Analysis
• Negotiate Graduated Return-to-Work/School Program

• Mobility assessments and ADP Qualified

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